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Registered Prenatal Teacher Training at Etowah Valley Yoga

Updated: Feb 26

Dates are to be determined.

Dates are to be determined.


You will receive full prenatal yoga certification upon completion of this course and all course requirements. Upon completion and teaching 30 prenatal yoga classes, you will be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher.

This comprehensive 100 hour prenatal yoga teacher training will give the yoga teacher confidence, wisdom and prowess to teach, guide and mentor prenatal and postnatal yoga students in EVERY phase of their pregnancies, birth and postpartum journeys. Skills will be taught to lead a prenatal or postpartum mother through specific prenatal/postnatal yoga repertoire, as well as the ability to guide and adapt for pregnancy and the postpartum period in traditional yoga classes and private sessions. We will focus on safely strengthening the growing pregnant body, comfort measures, techniques to relieve many common prenatal ailments, yoga for labor and delivery, breathwork (pranayama), effective prop usage and meditation. Emphasis will be placed on learning the uterine ligaments and prenatal anatomy as well as optimal fetal positioning. In addition to the thorough fertility, prenatal and postnatal yoga systems and teaching application education, we have a midwife, optimal fetal positioning specialist, licensed childbirth educator, and a pelvic floor PT presenting. This course is appropriate for yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators and birthing enthusiasts!

Key Concepts to Be Covered

  • Extensive prenatal anatomy and physiology including uterine ligaments, placenta presentations and fetal presentations

  • Comfort measures and postures to relieve many common prenatal ailments

  • Thorough pelvic floor module and training

  • The trimesters and trimester specific considerations

  • Optimal fetal positioning

  • Indications/contraindications

  • Prenatal class sequencing

  • Postnatal class sequencing

  • The fourth trimester

  • Modifications

  • Physiological quieting techniques and pregnancy centered meditations and visualizations

  • Incorporating a prenatal student into a traditional yoga class

  • Prop usage

  • Yoga for labor and delivery

  • Proper pelvic floor activation

  • Growing a prenatal yoga teaching business

  • Fertility yoga

  • The pelvic press, Acu-Yoga and kinesthetic cueing

  • Ethical considerations

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