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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at Etowah Valley Yoga

Updated: 4 days ago

August 24 - 25, 2024. Please complete a Contact form to be added to our interest list.

Prerequisite: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This intensive 20-hour prenatal yoga teacher training will give the yoga teacher* confidence, wisdom and prowess to teach, guide and mentor prenatal yoga students in EVERY phase of their pregnancies. In this training we will cover:

  • Extensive prenatal anatomy and physiology including uterine ligaments, pelvic floor, placenta presentations and fetal presentations

  • The trimesters and trimester specific considerations

  • Optimal fetal positioning Indications/contraindications

  • Prenatal class sequencing

  • Modifications

  • Incorporating a prenatal student into a traditional yoga class

  • Prop usage Yoga for labor and delivery

  • Proper pelvic floor activation

*This workshop is open to anyone interested in prenatal yoga and pregnancy. There are no prerequisites (200 hour TT, etc.). All are welcome.

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